Last Chance! Cheap Eats!

I sound a bit like a used car salesman, but it's all good because I'm talking about FOOD. As we head into the weekend, you've still got three days to enjoy the glorious event that is Downtown Dining Week. If you're not familiar with this awesome annual event, here's what you need to know: Each year, many of Downtown Memphis's most awesome restaurants come together to offer special 3-course dinners* for the monetary equivalent of the current year ($20.16).  This year, nearly 50 restaurants are participating, including everyone from Loflin Yard to Bluefin to Felicia Suzanne's. As of Friday afternoon, many locations still have reservations available throughout the weekend (and others are only taking walk-ins). 

So check out some of these mouth-watering menu options, and hop over to Open Table to reserve your seat. God, I really am sounding like a used car salesman. And speaking of cars, you can also take advantage of this great $1 parking special if you're dining out Downtown this weekend.

Now, if you've clicked through in order to check out the asterisk portion, here you go: 

*No catch! I just tagged this so the post didn't get too chunk up top. In addition to the $20.16 dinner menus, many restaurants are also offering $10.16 2-for-1 lunch specials. And I guess I should point out that not EVERY single restaurant is offering a 3-course dinner for $20.16...some are choosing to offer special menu selections instead. Okay, so I guess that was a small catch.