Adam's Review Daredevil S2 E3 "New York's Finest"

S2 E3 "New York's Finest"

Adam Schifani

Episode 3 opens up with Matt waking in chains on a roof, and he tries his best to find an angle to defuse Frank. Meanwhile Foggy goes to Metro general looking for Claire. He is trying to find some kind of lead as to where Matt may be after his rooftop fight with Punisher. She doesn't have any info for him, but she does bring up her cameo in Jessica Jones. Later on we get to see some get Foggy action where he stops a gang fight in the hospital, by appealing to the criminals selfish nature. More importantly, back to the rooftop for an exchange of philosophies.

Contextually this episode was a solid choice to have so early in the season. The Daredevil and The Punisher had to have this conversation, and I preferred it be sooner rather than later. The conversation, obviously, is the morality of vigilantism. Whether Matt's way of beating up criminals, and leaving them for the cops is better than Frank's plan to straight up kill them? Who is right? Is the Daredevil truly a "half measure," or do even the most despicable villians deserve their day in court? These are tough questions. 

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Matt is confused by Frank chaining him up, and not putting a bullet in his head on one hand, and threatening to kill the building super for checking on the rooftop noise on the other. 

This scene comes out of the Garth Ennis Punisher story "The Choice." The comic depicts a very similar situation with gun taped to Daredevil's hand, and his only way to save a man from the Punisher killing him is by shooting the Punisher. Frank makes a strong point by telling Matt that he is one bad day away from being like the Punisher. After Matt wakes up from Frank knocking him unconscious we get to see Matt's "choice."

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The way it plays out in this episode though is a bit different from the comic. Instead of stuttering and looking like a fool, Daredevil makes valid points, although they are ignored by Frank Castle. Punisher has taped a gun to DD's hand, and marches Grotto out in front of him. He forces Grotto to confess to doing a hit for the Irish mob, and then killing an old woman for seeing him. Grotto will die if Matt doesn't kill Frank. DD uses his only round to free himself to stop Punisher, but he is too late. Grotto takes a round in the chest, and dies.

Meanwhile Franks blows up some Dogs of Hell guys' bikes, and they rush the building. DD knocks Frank out, and we are treated to the best scene in the season so far. 

If you recall the hallway fight scene from Season 1, you probably remember feeling that it was the rawest, most fluid fight in TV history. That scene took place over one single shot, and was one of the best three minute spans of the entire season. Naturally something like that is difficult to equal or top, but I would say the fight scene at the end of this episode does just that.

Daredevil dumps Frank's unconscious body in the elevator, and proceeds to fight the entire gang of the Dogs of Hell with the empty gun still taped to his right hand, and a chain in his left. He beats the hell out of these guys all the way down the building in a fantastically choreographed scene. He consistently uses the chain to break the overhead lights to give himself the advantage. While some of the tracking was computer assisted, the single shot effect is just as powerful as it was the first season. 

In Season 1's fight we see the exhausting effects of fighting for an extended period of time, but in season two, I suppose due to training, DD has increased stamina. However, as he reaches the lower levels, kicking everyone's ass is starting to take its toll. It would seem the Dogs of Hell left some serious bruisers on the bottom floor, and they deliver a solid beating. As the elevator reaches the bottom floor we see Frank still laid out, and it looks as though Matt may lose the fight. But, of course he pulls off a couple of nice take-downs, and turns to see Frank is gone. 

TL;DR - Basically the whole point of this episode was to lay out our hero's and anti-hero's respective philosophies on fighting crime. Matt believes everyone deserves a chance to reform or at the very least, their day in court, while Frank believes they are truly evil so it's best to simply put them down. Most of the other character appearances are minor tidbits to keep the story inching along to get us to the glorious fight.