New comics this week

How's it going everybody!? Ready for some comics! Below are 3 comics I checked out this week. I know there is the Marvel bias in there, but i am trying my best to venture out in some DC and other companies. So bare with me if it feels like a Marvel overload. If you're a reader of DC or anything else please feel free to comment or recommend something. Thanks!!

The Amazing Spider-Man #10

This weeks comic of the new ASM series feels like the Zodiac arc is starting to wrap up. It's been a fun story and has made Peter stretch himself pretty thin. This issue does give us who we always know Spider-Man to be deep down. He is a hero at heart and will do anything to stop evil doers. It shows that underneath all the new money, fancy tech, and crazy gadgets he is still Peter Parker. He will even throw his body in the way of a falling car to save people. Yes, I said falling! The banter between Anna Marie and The Living Brain brings some comic relief to the issue too. If you haven't been keeping up with the series you're missing out. Go to your local comic shop and get into it!


Moon Knight #1 

The story of Moon Knight over the years have been quite confusing. How are we suppose to keep up with who he is, if he doesn't even know who he is!? Yep, this man has multiple personalities. The one that we see the most is Marc Spector. Moon Knight gets his powers from the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. I know, some weird stuff huh? In this new series MK awakes in an asylum(no not Dean's for you WWE fans out there). Why you ask? Well you'll have to read to find out. There are some fun twist in this one.


Now this series I haven't been able to keep up with as much as I would like. But I am able to read some of it, as I pace back and forth down the aisle of shelves holding the comics. Why read this book!? Why the hell not!! It has everything about your childhood! Batman and the Ninja Turtles hanging out in one book! Come on, that alone should be why not only myself, but you too should be reading this series. The art in the book is a bit different, but its still pretty cool. I dig it. The story to this book has been fun as well. I know not a lot of depth there for the description of this series. I apologize for that, and i will try to fix that. 


Well that about does it this week for some comics to read. I know its only 3, but that is plenty enough for the week. Especially, if you are just a casual comic book reader. I will try to give you about 3 new comics a week to check out. Remember if you do want to start reading, then go a support local comic book shops! And if you don't know where yours is, just ask! I will try to point you to the closest one. Read on True Believers!