Adam's Review Daredevil S2 E6 "Regrets Only"

This episode like a few others, starts off with a lot of action. We get what seems to the the Yakuza on motorcycles coming to the apartment to attack Daredevil and Elektra. The fight begins, and naturally the duo wipe the floor with this group of would-be assassins. To be honest, it was one of the least interesting fights. Then we move on to the meat of the episode.

After a meeting with Frank's public defender; Matt, Foggy, and Karen go to the hospital to convince Frank to let them represent him in court to avoid the death penalty, and figure what Reyes is hiding. The trio want to represent Frank (except Foggy kind of) for the noble purpose of revealing what happened to his family. So far Reyes has been set up to be the main antagonist here, but we get the hint that the Japanese group are going to play a much larger role. 

While trying to convince Frank, Matt is called on by his "new client" aka Elektra to attend a gala at the Roxxon building, and to help her steal a ledger. The whole heist is pretty much a plot device to further pull Matt and Elektra's relationship and their chemistry into the story. Due to their success in obtaining the ledger, the previously nonthreatening Mr. Hiroshi executes some failed henchmen instead of cutting off their fingers as implied by the box of fingers on his desk. 

All that aside, I think Karen was the main character of this episode. She convinces Frank to talk to her, and he attaches to her because of her visit to his house and her dedication to the memory of his family. Karen humanized Frank for us by helping him recall memories of his kids, wife, and home. 

Foggy and Matt seem to be trying to convince Frank to plead guilty, and take a deal so they can reduce his sentence. However, it seems all of their prodding and Karen's reminders of his family awoke his spirit. He, as a shock to his legal counsel, pleads not guilty in hopes that the truth of his family's tragic cover up by Reyes can be exposed in trial. This should lead to a fascinating case.

All in all, this wasn't a very exciting episode, but it did have a great deal of exposition to draw us deeper down the rabbit hole. I enjoyed the ride especially the parts with Karen and Frank, I think they are going to have one hell of a ride together.