New Comics

This week I was able to get around to reading two comics. I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but believe me sometimes that is all you need. One comic came from Marvel and the other from DC. They were both a lot of fun to read. Remember if you are into comics, then let us know what you are currently reading. We would love to know your input! 

Superman: American Alien

I got into this series probably around the 4th issue. That is the great thing about this Superman series. You can pick up anywhere you want. It is only a 7 issue series, so it doesn't hurt. They reason being is the writing and storytelling. Max Landis does a fantastic job making you want to turn the next page to see what happens next. Not to spoil too much for the series, but basically this is unlike any Superman story we have ever seen. It is based around Clark Kent growing up and the struggles of what it is like to be a known alien on a foreign planet. The issues skip time as you see Clark getting older and learning to use his powers. Check this series out if you are a Superman fan! 


Now this series I have read from issue 1. Shocker to all of you I'm sure. But hey what can I say. You put two of my favorite Marvel characters in a comic, well hell I'm gonna read it! This is the perfect bromance Marvel may have ever created. Both Spidey and Deadpool are corky people to begin with, and then you let them lose together in the city. Oh yea things are going to get real interesting! Sure enough they do in this issue. telling by the picture you can see that Ole Merc with a Mouth is up to no good. In this issue we see a different side of Peter Parker that we maybe haven't seen in a very long time. If you like guys in red suits, booze, and lady gods fighting...well this is the issue for you!