New Comics

This week for you comic book fans I was able to get to two comics this week again. Now this time around it's two Marvel comics. Normally, I would like to sneak in at least one comic from Dc or another publisher. That wasn't the case this week. Sorry. Though this week I am going to include the trailer for the upcoming Marvel comic series, Civil War 2. It's a quick, animated trailer that is pretty cool to watch. As usual if you have any comments or want to make me aware of an ongoing series please let me know! Thanks everybody. 


The Amazing Spider-Man #11

This is the conclusion of the current Zodiac arc. I can't say enough that I have loved what Dan Slott is doing with Spider-Man. This final conflict between Spidey and the Zodiac answers many of the questions readers have had about the Zodiac and his intentions. The issue continues to show that things are getting bigger, and possible more challenging for Peter as an international business man. Though there were plenty of lighthearted exchanges to bring some humor to the issue. I can't wait to see what Slott has next in store for the ole Web Head.

International Iron Man #2

This series, though only into it's second issue doesn't feel like it is hitting all of it's points. As readers we are suppose to be caring about who Tony's biological parents are, but that isn't what feels important right now. We are getting a lot of this mysterious woman and what role she plays in Tony's life. She has basically conned him, and now is the main villain focus of the comic. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. We are slowly starting to find out who she is, what she wants, and why her mother is involved. Hopefully, soon we start getting more information about what this story is truly about. Maybe Brian Bendis is stretching himself too thin right now with all the other Marvel projects he is working on, but lets hope this series does not suffer from it. 

Marvel's Civil War 2 Trailer