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How's it going guys!? It's that time of the week again. Time to talk some comics. I was able to get three under the belt this week. Two Marvel and the elusive DC comic. The sad thing about the DC comic is that it's has come to it's end. I have really enjoyed the series. I hope that Max Landis will be able to get more shots at writing comics. He does seem to have a knack for it. Anyways, folks I hope you enjoy. Leave some comments about what you're reading as well. Buy comics!


Civil War II #0

 Most zero issue aren't worth the read. This issue is a little bit different. It actually gives some insight of what is to come with the new Civil War arc, coming in June. It touches base with most of the main characters for the story. You quickly start to realize what the backbone of the story will could end up. Even as a prologue issue, it never felt dull. Though this shouldn't come to a surprise, because of he writer. It's none other than Brian Michael Bendis. The way that he can bring a story to life is incredible. The man stays busy though, that’s for sure. He is also currently on another Marvel title, as well. With all the touts that this issue has, it doesn’t downplay the claims that it's more Minority Report than Civil War. Though I am sure the heroes will be going at each others throats pretty soon. I actually dig that She-Hulk is going to be a focal point of this series. Hopefully, she will continue to be the lead of the story along with Captain Marvel. I hope to see those two going head-to-head quite often.

 I would say that the only flaws with this issue is two fold. First, why is Iron Man a focal point when it came to marketing this new arc. He wasn’t in this issue, and to be honest, it felt just fine without him. That's not saying that I don’t want him for future issues. But having him head up a side, doesn’t feel necessary now. At the end of it all it better not just be that Iron Man is more marketable than She-Hulk as the answer. I just feel like that is a cop-out. The other flaw in the issue, is the new Inhuman. Ulysses, the Inhuman, seems like someone that we are going to enjoy. Though at this point he doesn’t seem compelling enough. He felt like a normal teenager that just got thrown into an Inhuman story. So why him? What makes him the special one that he is going to end up the center of it all? Hopefully this main issues or the tie-ins will be able to answer those questions.

 Overall, this issue was fun, incredibly drawn, and had great writing. It was the perfect issue to start an understanding where this series will continue in the future. As someone that read the first Civil War, including the tie-ins, I will stick with this one to the very end. I look forward to see where the battle lines are drawn, and who chooses those sides. I'm preparing for battles of epic proportions. Can't wait for more!


 International Iron Man #3

 The last review for this I think I mentioned how maybe this series is taking its time to get to anything of true importance. Well folks, I have to say it is still that same pace. Matter of fact it is one of the slower paced comics I have read in quite some time. Not that it's a bad thing. Just a different style to be expected with anything Iron Man. What these series do lack in action, it makes up for character development. We are getting plenty of flashbacks between Tony Stark and Cassandra Gillespie. Starting to learn more about their relationship and if she truly did love Stark or if Stark is truly just a "honey pot" for her. This series has a murky tone to it. I am starting to get used to that and enjoy it with the more I read.

 I'm hoping things will start to pick up in the next issues. The present day drama with Iron Man and Cassandra's thugs have been fun. And it seems like we are getting closer to the answer we are looking for……who is Tony Stark's biological parents!?


 Superman: American Alien # 7

 I never thought I would say this about a DC comic, much less a Superman one. But man I am sure going to miss this hell out of this series. It has been nothing short of fun and well…..SUPER!! I do not know much about previous Superman comics of the past couple of years, but I would be willing to bet money this series has been the best in quite some time. Compared to the others, this issue is a bit rough around the edges, but it makes up with how great it's written. The issues opens with Clark as the clear defender of Metropolis. He has created a costume, and has the reputation of being the hero. Clark finds himself having to be tested in ways that he hasn't yet had to deal with before. The way he handles it is a direct reflection on Landis' vision of Superman. It's almost like he is taking a shot at the Man of Steel adaptation of Superman. That instead of getting angry and fighting without thinking of others. Kent is clearly confused and shocked, but he knows he is the defender of the innocent. He makes sure to rid the threat the proper way. Throwing his ass straight to outer space! Oh, who is that threat you ask? Well, it's none other than….Lobo? Yea, I know. I was kind of confused to see Lobo too. Why him? Why does this make sense? Well it doesn't really. It feels random. Though maybe his purpose is to be the alien threat that Clark has never had to face before. Not only does he end up being the threat, but he also turns out to be the bearer of bad news. He is the person that informs Clark, that his home planet is no more. That no one is ever coming back for him. It's good for him to finally be privy of this information. It just felt flat coming from someone like Lobo.

 I am very happy that I wisely started to read this series. It was fun, smart, and different. It is the perfect way to jump start myself to reading more DC comics. Not only that, but it makes me yearn for more comics from Max Landis. Like I said at the top, I really hope DC or any other studio is smart enough to let him write for them. I want it to be Superman though. Landis seems to hit it on the nose with Clark Kent. The powers that be at DC better wise up and let him continue more Superman stories. I am going to miss this series, I truly am. If anyone needs a good way to jump back into DC comics, I would highly recommend to start with this series!