New Comics

This week I was able to squeeze in four comics some how. I'm not sure how I was able too, but I am happy I did. This week I have two Marvel and two DC comics. Like I said a few weeks ago, I am going to try to add more DC to my list of reading when they start their reboot…….err I mean rebirth. Reboot is a scary word in the comic book world. It usually means the current storyline isn't working. That's not to say the New 52 storylines were working for DC. The things I have read, they do work. I guess it's just time for a change over at DC. Hopefully the internet did not ruin the twist for this first issue of DC Universe Rebirth. I was lucky to escape it, but I know not many others were able to share that feat with me. Though let me warn you now. As always these new comic "reviews" will contain spoilers. So, if you haven't read it and plan on reading. Skip the DC Rebirth part. That segues into the Marvel comics. Same goes for the new Captain America comic this week. Do not let me or other sites ruin it for you, if you intend to read it. With that being said let's jump into the comics this week. As always, leave comments and let us know what you're reading.


Scooby Apocalypse #1

 I'm having trouble finding the right words to put down. I wanted to like this comic a lot. Again, nostalgia was flowing through my veins. It was another "blast from my past" type of comic. Hell, I didn’t even mind the tattooed Shaggy from the cover. That always seemed to be par for the course with his character. That would have never been the case for a kids cartoon. Now for an adult comic, it makes tons of sense. Though that is where the sense seems to stop. This was a hard restart for the Scooby-Doo gang. A restart that I wasn't a fan of at all. Matter of fact, I found it quite boring. It was hard for me to even finish the issue. I found myself wanting to put it down and start one of the other comics. It didn’t make sense to me to do such a hard restart for this comic. The restart was none of the members really knew one another. Daphne and Fred were part of a their own TV series(that was dying out quick) and Velma is a doctor working for some type of shady company. Shaggy and Scooby work for the same company, but not sure why. Seems like some type od experiment. Not a lot in this book work together, or seem to flow properly. I don't get why starting a new comic series it had to be a new story for Scooby-Doo all together. Maybe the creators wanted to tell their own story of SD, or maybe they didn't want to start off the same way all other SD stories start. Either way it didn't seem to work. Eventually, this meddling kids will…well meddle. But, for now they bore. It is going to take me a lot to purchase the next issue.


DC Universe Rebirth #1

It's no surprise as I was reading this issue that I felt a little out of place. So many things have happened over the years that I have not been able to keep track of them. Now with the DC universe going through a rebirth, I wanted to add more DC comics to some of the things I read. So I jumped head first into this issue having no idea what to expect. It was as I expected too. Story lines being wrapped up from over the course of the past 5-6 years. They all from the Flashpoint era, as well as the New 52 arcs. Again, none that I have much knowledge on. Other than the Flashpoint cartoon on Netflix. The interesting thing about this issue, was it felt like comics inside a comic. I know, an odd thing to say, but try to stick with me for a moment. The entire issue dealt with Wally West trying to get back to the real world. He is trapped in what fans of the Flash TV series, know as the Speed Force. I'm not goin to go into what the Speed Force is at the moment, just know it's where speedsters like Flash and Wally West get their powers. West is used as a vector from panel to panel to wrap up or rebirth the newer characters. West is trying to find someone, just anyone that can remember he is, and with doing that he can warn everyone of the danger to come. He has figured out by being stuck in the Speed Force that someone has been watching them. He is traveling all over the current universe as we see from different vignettes of people. Probably where story lines in the future are headed. It touches with heroes like The Atom, Green Arrow, Blue Beetle, and more.

 The art in this issue is superb. Which isn't shocking since four great artist are on task here with writer Geoff Johns. Each artist gets their own chapter. The artist-Ethan Van Sciver, Gary Frank, Phil Jimenez, and Ivan Reis definitely bring Johns vision to life. Johns brought a artistic army to his last run as a DC writer. You can tell how great they get along when it comes to the certain way Johns wants his panels illustrated. For example, when Batman is broody in his cave the colors are gloom and moody. While, other panels with Blue Beetle are upbeat and bright. The team of artist did their very best to make this issue stand out. I have to say they achieved their jobs with flying colors….no pun intended.

 Lastly, it is important for me to touch on the spoiler I spoke about earlier. So, again if you plan on reading the comic or Justice League #50 do not read any further……… is the revelation that the pages from this issue gave us. It's the idea that the New 52 universe was created by a man who wanted to play God. That man was Doctor Manhattan from the Watchmen. Yea, that's right the big blue dude from the movie with his blue member exposed the whole movie. There are a couple of clues no only in this book, but Justice League #50. Starting with Justice League. Two members from the Watchmen universe are blown to bits, ala Rorschach fro the movie. Those characters were two people that could stop Manhattan from his plans, so he killed them. The other clues come from the pages of DC Universe Rebirth. Another Watchman character that is more of a herald in the New 52, Pandora, is killed. Finally, Batman is putting together clues, we see a panel of him chiseling away at his cave. He pulls put a shiny, yellow smiley-face button of the Comedian. The box in the corner is a quote from Wally off page saying, I can feel it even now Barry, we're being watched." Then, the story ends. The epilogue goes to earth with a watch that has "clock to midnight" tagline.  June starts the beginning of the new DC universe. I will stay with it for a good bit too. I want to give this new DC world a chance. I look forward to new story lines with characters that over the years I have lost contact with, but can love again.


Spider-Man/Deadpool #5

 Well I didn't think he was going to do it, but head writer Joe Kelly sure did. He killed Peter Parker! Twice! Now before you go and set fire to all Spider-Man books hear me out. He isn't dead like the Superior Spider-Man comic run. No, he is dead for like 10 pages and that's it. As told in the issues before this, Deadpool was hired to kill Peter because he was thought he was a "bad guy". Peter gets killed in the last issue by DP and gets trapped in limbo by Mysterio. DP thinks that Parker is suppose to be in hell, because he is such an evil person. He soon realizes that Parker is a pure soul. Therefore, Parker cannot go to hell. Deadpool transports himself to limbo to help Peter fight off Mysterio. The interesting part of this issue is the involvement of Mephisto. If you followed the Spider-Man comic over the past few years, then you know why Mephisto's part is interesting. Basically, at one point in order to save Aunt May's life Mary Jane made a deal with him. That deal was he could have a part of Peter's life. That part was his marriage with MJ. We found out then too that she was pregnant. So, now Mephisto is back and it seems like he is going to share the dirty, little secret with Peter. Meanwhile, Deadpool has vowed to never kill again. The reason being he has gotten tired of killing. Killing a good person like Peter Parker has finally hit a nerve DP. We will see how that holds up in the future. May find out as soon as the next issue hits shelves in late June.


Captain America: Steve Rogers #1

 First, let me start by saying that this is going to be a quick review.As I said at the top this one is going to have a spoiler. If the internet hasn't already ruined it for you and you want to read this comic, then do not read any further. Ok so last warning……… it is. It's because of two words. Which is funny how two words always seems to drive the internet crazy. Send nudes, Presidential candidate, and Hail Hydra!? Yea, that's right I said it. Ever since those words were uttered in the Captain America: Winter Solider movie, they have become somewhat of an internet sensation. Now those words come out of the last mouth we would expect. Captain America! Not the Captain America that has been in current story lines. Not Sam Wilson, who now has the mantle of Captain America. No, it was by Steve Rogers himself. Over the pass couple of years, Rogers has been an older man. His powers were sucked out of him. Though now he is back, with powers and all. The head writer of this series, Nick Spencer, was not afraid to go off the beaten path here. He started the series with a status quo Cap comic, but as you turn the final pages that changes. I enjoy the new twist for the First Avenger. I look forward to where this can go. Has Cap always been a secret Hydra agent? Is Cap in some serious deep undercover action? I have a feeling one way or another we will find out in the future issues. Stick around true believers to find out the answers.