New Comics

New week means new comics. All Marvel again this week folks. Some day that will change. Especailly, since pretty soon DC will be relaunching....again. I am sure that i will be able to get more of that into the rotation. I would like to add, that I skipped out on Marvel's new Thunderbolt series this week. I think I may go back and grab that one. If it turns out pretty good, then I am sure I will write something on it. As always, leave a comment about this weeks comic, and of course anything you're currently reading! Enjoy!

The Punisher #1

 Marvel has now put out the tenth series that had the name Punisher in it. So, it is understandable if by now some fatigue about the character is starting to kick in.  The reason being, is it's pretty tough to truly get a good amount of depth out of a character that has one singular motive. Which of course we all know what that motive is….kill bad people.  The question about this new Frank Castle, is which Castle are we going to get further into the series. Are we going to get street-level Punisher, or are we going to get a Frank Castle that could be more like the latest visual installment of him. The one that is a bit over the top in the new Daredevil season on Netflix. That just happens to be currently reviewed her at Nerd901. Which ever Castle that is in store for us, seems like to be in good hands with writer Becky Cloonan. She seems to be going with pretty good dark take in this series. This happens to be one of the bloodiest and gore filled comics, I've read in quite some time. It defiantly pushes the envelope compared to the other Marvel comics right now. Other than the blood, guts, and brains this issue doesn’t have much jaw dropping moments. Though I am already hooked and will keep coming back to the series for a good bit.


The Amazing Spider-Man #12

 I know I said this last week. But there truly isn't enough to say what great work Dan Slott is putting into this series. If you're reading this and know Chris, ask him what I say every time one of these come out. Each time I think I say how fun this series is, and that each new issue is better than the last. I'm sure by now he has heard me say it all. From this is the best thing ever to how I don’t think it can get any better. Of course with each issue I am proven wrong. They do actually get better. That is saying a lot too, because I can't remember the last issue of this comic that has been bad!! This issue starts off a new arc the right way. A team-up with Tony Stark! Stark isn't alone though. The one and only Mary Jane Waston is working for Stark now. Believe me, Peter is not too happy about it. There is some really good banter back and forth in this issue. I mean, how can there not be when you Stark and Parker in the same place at once. There is plenty of comedy for all in this one. This new start to a story is a great way of cleansing all of the drama filled life Spider-Man had in his last arc. The villain, Regent, is going to be a tough test for Spidey. The guy can steal powers of the power heroes and villains. I think that drama is going to be storming back into Pete's life pretty fast.