New Comics

This week in the "nerdy" culture E3 has been the main focus for all of us. Matter of fact, if you didn’t catch all the press conferences check out Adam's coverage of them. It was a fun week for video games. This week with comics DC comics released 3 different Batman comics. Only one of which I covered. Also, more Rebirth issues. Marvel continues to roll out Civil War II tie-ins and released Civil War II #2. As far as my reviews, this week I bring you four comics. Last week I threw even myself a curve ball. I outnumbered my Marvel issues with DC comics. This week I am back to my old ways. As I bring you one DC comics, and three Marvel comics. 901 Comics had their Grand Opening over the weekend. We were there and the place is pretty cool. Shout out to Shannon and Jamie. The place looks great. Go check them out. Let us know what you think of the comics this week and what you're reading. All the best everyone!


Batman #1

It feels like Batman is the least character in the DC world the would need a Rebirth. He is pretty straight forward. In this issue writer Tom King stays the course. Gotham is in dire need of it's hero and Batman is there to save the day. It’s interesting how this issue threatens the city of Gotham. Instead of a costumed villain, it’s a crashing plane that is going to end most of Gotham. The issue does a great job of figuring out how Batman is going to save the city. Batman calls for the other Justice League members, but of course they are either off planet or dealing with some form of monster. Batman knows it's his city, and he must save it. Even if he costs him his life. By putting all their heads together Batman, Alfred, and Duke Thomas figure out way to not only save the city, but save the passengers inside the plane. That is by, of course, getting the plane onto the nearest body of water. Here is the kicker, in order to do so it looks like Batman will have to sacrifice his life. He is able to strap what seems like portable jets onto the plane and Alfred controls said jets from the Batcave. The only issue as I mentioned is Batman is on top of the plane. And the collision of the plane with the water will likely kill him. The second it looks like Batman's life has come to an end, as he says his good byes to Alfred, he is saved! But by whom? Two mysterious characters, that go by the name of Gotham and Gotham Girl. Who are these two "heroes", where did they come from, and are they friendly? I guess we will have to find out in the next issues.


The Amazing Spider-Man #14

In this issue the team-up between Spider-Man and Iron Man continues by trying to find the missing heroes. Followed by their fight with Regent. Regent has been able to continue his path of stealing heroes powers. The issues shows him not only using Miles Morales powers, but he gains those of Ms. Marvel, Nova, Quicksilver, and Thor. The only problem with this is it's done way too quickly and off panel. How he is able to capture all of those heroes, in what seems like a span of six hours seems absurd. Other than that the issue does a good job of finally making Stark and Parker work together. We even got treated with some supporting cast members Mary Jane and Harry Osborn. The fight with Regent was fun. Trying to see Spider-Man and Iron Man best Regent with all the powers he has at his disposal was intense. As shown in the final pages, Regent may just be too much for our heroes. Only the next couple of issues will be able to show us if the two heroes will be able to defeat Regent.


Civil War II: X-Men #1

I feel like this issue fell a bit flat. Tie-ins are normally pretty limited in issue with big arcs like this. There has to be room for other tie-ins and what not. X-men is only getting four issue. With that in mind, it didn’t feel like there was a rush to get to the issue at hand that is making Civil War to it's core. Instead it spent most of the time, fighting useless Sentinels and reuniting the two X-men groups. Which it was nice to see the two teams work together, but I feel like it was squandered for an arc like this. Each team as their respective team members. One group is lead by Storm with the likes of Nightcrawler, Old Man Logan, and young Jean Grey. While the other group is lead by Magneto with X-men power houses Sabretooth and Psylocke. Magneto's group is made aware of the Inhuman Ulysses and his gifts. Of course, Erik's first thoughts are if there is an Inhuman that can see the future what danger does that bring the mutants. Finally, by the end of the issue it seems like lines are going to start being drawn. It's just a shame that it took so long to get there since the series is limited in this large Civil War arc. I hope the next three issue pick up some traction.


Civil War II #2

In the over size issue #1 the pacing felt a bit off. From finding out about Ulysses and his powers to the death of War Machine. Now we start this issue with Tony racing off to find the new Inhuman. This of course does not make anyone happy. Some fear the worst of what Stark may do to the young man. Stark kidnaps him to try and figure out just what is going on inside the kids brain. This is where the pacing of this arc feels off. The reason being is it is hard to not compare this Civil War to it's predecessor. Where by issue two it was clear where the lines were drawn and who feel on each side of those lines. Also, by the second issue we had got the "internet breaking" Spider-Man twist. It seems now that we will have to wait until at least issue #3 and I'm sure other tie-ins to have true battle lines crossed.

The aspect that stands out the most in these two issues is the incredible art. Artist David Marquez seems to have this on lock. Each page is beautifully drawn and it is a big reason that makes me want to continue to turn the pages. The attention to detail is breathe taking. There is a part in the story that Ulysses has a vision of the Hulk destroying everything. We see the vision first hand and it takes up tow pages. It is absolutely stunning. It jumps right off the page. Those two pages alone make up for a slow moving story line.

While the conflict may be sloe, and there seems to be a lack of dramatic weight by issue #3, I have to trust not only Marvel but writer Brian Michael Bendis. I have to trust that they will bring the excitement and drama in issues to come. They are going to have to, in order to make this summer blockbuster arc truly matter.