New Comics

How's it going comic book fans!? It was a good week for comics. DC delivered us delightful comics like Flash #1 and Wonder Woman #1, while Marvel continues to roll out more Civil War II tie-ins. Like I have said in the past I can't keep up with all the tie-ins. I pretty much have to pick and choose what I think will be vital to the main story line. I did that this week with Totally Awesome Hulk and Captain America: Sam Wilson. I am sure the others are some what important as well. But like I said, pick and choose. Let me also note that I am aware of the comic book adaptation of Star Wars: Force Awaken. I just felt like that was not something that I needed to add to the weekly buy. And from the things I am hearing, that was the right choice. Not a lot of good things out there about that comic. Anyways, if you still haven't swung by 901 Comics on Young Ave, you really need too. Enjoy the comics and tweet @Nerd_901 for any comments. All the best!


The Flash #1

The issue of Flash Rebirth #1 made it pretty clear that Flash and Batman were going to investigate the fall out of New 52, and what happened to the 10 years of people's lives. Though it seemed in this issue the writer Joshua Williamson shifted to the normal Barry Allen status quo. Where it seemed they went back to the basics of a Flash comic. That involves Flash running around and doing what he can to save everyone in the city from different disasters. Like apartment fires, or bank robbing's. I enjoyed that part quite a bit. It is great to get back to the roots of this hero, where is struggles with not being fast enough at all times. And to play off that he is the fastest man alive, but is always late to his Barry Allen life. Which includes his job as a crime scene investigator or a lunch date with Iris and her nephew Wally West. So, yes Wally West from New 52 universe is still around. I'm sure it won't be confusing at all to have both Wally West around. That being said I love the fact that Williamson is giving so much depth to the supporting characters. Big shout out to artist Carmine Di Giandomenico is in need here too. The art in the book is absolutely gorgeous. Each lighting bolt on the pages looks like it was ripped out of the sky and put into this issue. Ultimately, even though this issue didn’t focus too much on the New 52 investigation, it was a great way to start telling a Flash story. I can't wait for more issues.


Wonder Woman #1

As I have stated before Wonder Woman is not a character I am too familiar with, when it comes to DC heroes. Though as I read Wonder Woman Rebirth #1 and now this issue. It seems to me that I am going to start enjoying the storytelling to come. One of the reason behind that is this series looks like it will be friendly to new readers. The only thing that new readers need to know is that Diana is searching for the truth to her past. Why is it so muddled? Where can she find the answers? It seems like these answers will be found in future issue. The story isn't too convoluted with past transgression either. So, a reader can certainly jump on board now. I highly recommend to do so.  Writer Greg Rucka does a fantastic job of being able to balance not only Diana's story, but the secondary story line of supporting characters Steve Trevor and his band of military men. The story with WW finding her answers to her past have her leaving the mortal world, and flying in a fantasy world. That world is portrayed in stunning artwork by Liam Sharp. Sharp has potential to be the break out artist with his work in the Rebirth world. His work alone is worth picking up this series. Add in great storytelling, and I think this may be the runaway series in DC's Rebirth project.


Totally Awesome Hulk #7

I should note that when this new series kicked off with Totally Awesome Hulk #1, I purchased that issue. I even got the next two issues, but pretty quickly I couldn't stick with it anymore. The story got lost somewhere and I couldn't focus my time to it anymore. That being said, I kind of enjoyed this Civil War II tie-in. It's not the best tie-in, but it laid some ground work with what's been going on with Bruce Banner since he is no longer Hulk. That's exactly what we got in this issue. Banner has traveled the world, running cars dead in the desert and even venturing to Las Vegas to play some blackjack. The funny aspect of him going to Las Vegas is the number of times The Hulk has destroyed that city. That is even mentioned in the comic by Tony Stark. Stark and Banner have a good moment at the end of the book, where Banner lashes out at Stark. Blaming him for a lot of Banner's anger. It is a good moment that shows how Bruce has felt for years, and an even better moment for Stark to admitting he was wrong and sorry. In the future issues to come I hope to see more fleshed out with why Banner is back, and how he plays apart in the Civil Way II arc.


Captain America: Sam Wilson #10

Sam Wilson has been the Captain America for quite some time now. When Steve Rodgers was drained of his powers, he knew that it was Wilson who deserved to take up the shield. And what a job Wilson did too. He felt like the right and obvious choice. Plus, it was such a progressive move that of course it had some people freaking out on the internet for days. While in the actual comic book world this type of decision is glossed over. Now comes the chance for writer Nick Spencer to address what it means for an African-American man to take over the mantle of Captain America. What a job he does too. The first few pages of the issue are full of what feels like real life protesting. It is something you would probably see in today's world. People lining to streets to protest a black man being Cap. While others lining the streets to show their support of Wilson taking the mantle.  Spencer does a great job of turning the death "big" death of Civil War II to a talking point. That may parallel with Wilson's situation at the moment. How does it affect not only African-American culture, but how it can affect the other African-American heroes. This issue does a great job of making you feel like this can become something that has a play into who chooses which side. We will see in future issues what drives Sam Wilson to choose his side.