New Comics

Hello friends. It's that time of the week again for new comics. This week DC continues to roll out Rebirth issue after issue. Marvel is dishing out it's Civil War tie-ins, starting with Amazing Spider-Man. This week I give you three comics. For the first time ever as well, DC out numbers Marvel. That is something new. Also, quick note 901 Comics is having their grand opening this Saturday. Swing by there and check them out. Let us know about what comics you're reading in the comments and @Nerd_901. All the best everyone!


The Flash: Rebirth #1

This comic feels like the first one of the Rebirth series that touches on the events of the first Rebirth comic. And who the mastermind of the New 52 universe truly could be. There was no one more impacted by those events than Barry Allen. This issue felt friendly to a new reader. Which is something I was looking for in the other Rebirth comics. I get that it wasn't a "reboot", but a little help would have need nice. That's what we get here in the Flash issue. It starts off with a murder scene pretty similar to the death of Allen's mother. I was wondering if the "rebirth" was going to feel more like its TV series counterpart. I felt like this could be a cause for concern. While it had a small feeling like it would, it wasn't the complete overhaul. Writer Joshua Williamson includes Wally West and Batman in this issue, and they are delightful. Wally has just returned to a world that doesn't remember him. The woman he loves has no clue who he is at all. While this is heartbreaking, it is pivotal to the story line. Showing the relationship between Barry and Wally hits a certain place for readers. Adding Batman to the fray works out as well. He doesn’t overshadow Flash or the story. It's just enough to had more depth to the story line. I hope to continue to see more of Wally West and Batman in the future. This issue gave us a lot of heartfelt moments, and I can't wait to see what else the future of this series brings.


Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1

I felt like going into this issue that this was going to need to be an instant hit. Wonder Woman's presence is crucial to the DC Rebirth process. Not only because she is about to become a character with mainstream exposure, but also because it brings something that the DC stories need. That being good story telling of a character that has gone through what seems like a lot of ups and downs in the storytelling quality. It seemed that over the New 52 era that Wonder Woman was slipping through the cracks. The writer, Greg Rucka really captures WW's compassion in this issue. He does a fantastic job of celebrating her proud qualities, like being both great warrior and ambassador of her people. Rucka seems to acknowledge the missteps that the character received in the past. Not a lot of "action" take course over the issue. Matter of fact, only the last few pages can be classified as action. But the many panels leading up to those pages do a great job of fleshing out who this new Princess Diana could end up being. I plan to stick with this series for the foreseeable future.


Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man #1

 inevitable tie-in launch for the new Civil War story line is upon us. First up is Spider-Man! Even with the title name Dan Slott is not in charge of this Amazing Spider-Man story. That was turned over to Christos Gage, who has had some work with ASM in the past. Tapping into his mind for a ASM story seemed like a no brainer. Gage does a fantastic job of being able to capture the true nature of Peter Parker's goofy humor. Along with finally starting to get the fill of Ulysses as a character. The best part of the issue is a way to quick interaction between Parker and Johnny Storm. This "bromance" as always been one of the best interactions in all Marvel comics. I would love to see more of it in the future. The latter half of the issue really starts to explore how Spidery may play a part in this arc. He takes Ulysses under his wing for a day. The Inhuman helps Spider-Man stop a possible killing before it can happen. Pete gets the idea od taking him to Parker Industries the next day. We start to realize why he has do so. He wants to see if Ulysses can see into the future of which tech that they are working on will actually be helpful.  It seems like a selfish act by Peter. For he is normally known about saving lives and saving everyone. Now for a quick moment, it seems that Parker is thinking more of his company than anything else. I am sure the future issues will touch on this.

 As of right now it is hard to tell which side of the fence Spider-Man falls on, as far as what to do with the Inhuman. Dan Slott as made it obvious that Peter is obsessed with saving everyone, to an almost unhealthy obsession with it. I am sure Parker is happy to work with an Inhuman that could tell him exactly what is going on with the villains of the world. Though on the other hand, the thing we know the most about Peter is the thought process of using the great responsibility give to a person. So, he may realize the danger of abusing Uylsses' powers way too often. This tie-in looks like it is going to provide us with some fun moments, and interesting situations. We will find out more in the upcoming issues. Who's side will Spider-Man fall on in the end? Only way to find out is to continue reading.