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How's it going everyone!? That's right I am trying some re-branding with the new name. No longer shall it be called "New Comics" Besides, I think "Nick's Comic Book Corner" has a nice ring to it. Hope you like it too. Anyways, I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekends, if you were lucky enough to have one. I guess since it was a holiday week both Marvel and DC decided to take money right out of your pocket. Man, what a load of comics we got this week. Marvel wasn't finished with the comic book news though. They also released the news of the new Iron Man. That is some pretty cool news. This week as far as reviewed comics I give you lucky number seven. Seven comics! Three DC and four Marvel. As far as DC I think I need to check out Green Arrow. The first issue of it's Rebirth didn't really catch with me. Though now two issues in, all I hear about the series is great. Maybe I need to look into that. Pop over to 901 Comics and say hello to Jaime and Shannon. They are really kicking some butt now. I enjoy the hell out of that store. You know the drill by now folks. Let us know what comics you're into and leave us a comment or two. All the best.


Batman #2

Last issue seemed like it was going to be the death of Gotham City's Dark Knight. But as we found out two new super heroes arrived on scene to save him. Their names, Gotham and Gotham Girl. Were we going to find out who these two are, and how many issues would it take? Well, it wasn’t this issue. Matter of fact, we didn’t get to know much about them in this issue. It seems odd that Batman is disinterested in knowing their identities or how they got their powers. We did get to see them fight Solomon Grundy. That was kind of cool, but nothing too special. What was special, was seeing writer Tom King's humor shine.  We see the great interaction between the young heroes and Commissioner Gordon. King even has some fun at Bruce Wayne's expense. Showing that Wayne is still the absent-mind billionaire, we know and love. Even when he is at a gala he is hosting, when that bat signal comes on he drops everything. Including  a beautiful woman he is dancing with at the time. It is a fun issue that balances humor and storytelling of Batman trying to guide two young heroes.


Justice League Rebirth #1

This first issue of the Justice League was clear of what it's intentions were early in the issue. There isn't much depth to the storytelling. Which seems odd. The whole point of this Rebirth is to create new story lines. Yet, with this issue is was cut and dry. Here are some heroes, they are fighting a large monster that's trying to kill everyone. That's about it. We get the typical hero speeches about saving the innocent and fighting evil. There could have been way more to this issue. Especially, with a different Superman joining the team. One that not a lot of the team members seem to trust too much, expect for Batman. All the other Rebirth issues seem to have done the job of setting the story on the right path. I am not sure what happened with writer and artist Bryan Hitch on this one, but for this series sake I hope he picks up the slack in future issues.


Superman #2

Who doesn't love watching Superman play dad!? Well, if you don't this isn't the issue for you. That's all we get in this issue folks. Well, that and watching Clark and his son, Jon, kick some monster butt. It is cool to see this super-powered son learn from his father. From learning how to use his powers to being able to control his eye beams. I'd like to add that Jon's "super suit" is pretty good too. It is fun to see Superman as a father. You think he gets protective of his city. Wait and see what happens when his son is involved in an accident. Nothing is more important to Superman. Writers Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason do a fantastic job of telling the love story between Clark and Lois. It reminds us that it is one of the greatest relationships in all of comics. It won't take long for readers to feel that same type of love for Jon. I can't wait to see more lessons that he will learn in the future.


The Amazing Spider-Man #15

Man, I have to say. I love everything that is Mary Jane Watson. I always have and always will. In this issue, to have her stand out so much is a testament to how much Dan Slott cares about all the characters in the Spider-Man world. Aside from that, this arc seems to fall a bit flat. The first issue was good and a lot fun. After that they didn’t seem to connect that much. I think a lot of that has to do with Regent. He is a villain that should have been more of a Brock Lesnar type of character. This unbeatable monster that should rival even some of Marvel's worst villains. Regent had the ability to absorb Marvel hero's powers and use them at his own will. Hell, he even was able to take the powers of Thor. How can a villain that can do something like that fall flat? It's probably because we knew in the end he would fall.

Mary Jane truly shined in this issue. The fact that she got to throw on the Iron Spider costume and help fight off Regent was a lot of fun. And to those doubting how this could happen, it actually makes some sense. She knows how to work Stark tech, and she once had spider powers back in Spider-Verse. Being the former love of Peter Parker's life, MJ is no stranger to having to deal with super villains. I hope to see more of MJ shine as Slott moves closer to the events of The Clone Conspiracy.


Captain America: Sam Wilson #11

Last issue of Captain America: Sam Wilson delivered a powerful moment dealing with James Rhodes death. In this issue, we start to see the tug of war that Wilson is caught between Tony Stark and Carol Danvers. The issue does a good job of both characters pitching why Sam should join that side of the fight. Those conversation happening almost in unison too. The panels are drawn so well by Daniel Acuna to illustrate this conversations. As Sam helps Stark take on some biotech ninjas, and helps Danvers take on some Chitauri. All while the two try to convince Wilson who to choose. Meanwhile, Wilson has some other issues going on, with a task forced name Americops. They are robots that seem to be oppressing the innocent and racial profiling all across the nation. Writer Nick Spencer does a good job of tying this problem into the Civil War conflict. Comparing the Inhuman Ulysses' powers to the profiling. We will still have to wait and see who Sam Wilson decides to side with in the future issues.


Invincible Iron Man #11

It seems pointless to continue to put out issues with the header "The Road to Civil War II" when the first two main issue of the arc have been out for a few weeks. Yet, here we are with this issue. Look, this issue is basically pointless if you ask me. The one reason I even picked it up was to be introduced properly to the future Iron Man, Riri Williams. It was important to me to see her in action, even if it was very little. Given how important she is going to becoming in the next several months to the Marvel world. So, that's it. That's all I have to say about this one. It was good to see Stark/Rhodes one last time and it was nice to have the small intro to Riri Williams. Other than that, very lack luster issue. Move on Marvel.


Punisher #3

This series continues to be one of my favorite in this season of comics. Everything is so clear as far as art goes. Each character and each drop of blood is clear as day. If you are a novice comic book reader, and want an easy series to get into, look no further. There isn't a hidden story to be sniffed out. Nor any underlining motives. Only good ole' fashion ass kicking. And as we know Frank Castle is one of the best at that. Who else could drive up into a camp full of whacked out hillbillies armed to the teeth ready to serve death? Why, Frank Castle of course! As always Castle is a one man wrecking crew, add that to how smart he truly is, that is a formula for a few dead men.

The villains in this series have been outstanding. They aren't your normal super villains. Matter of fact, they don’t' have any super powers. They are bad, bad men. No question about it. The man bad guy in this issue, is one evil dude. Evil enough that to protect himself he has his daughter strapped to a vest full of explosives. That's some grade A dick head right there folks. Though in the realm of a comic book, you couldn't ask for a better asshole than that. It gives the reader someone to truly root against. Even though you know he will meet his Maker at the hands of Castle. It doesn't take away the fact that you want him to die in the worst way possible. And while he doesn’t die Game of Thrones style. It is still nice to see The Punisher get his hands on him and eliminate the bastard with a quick slice of the neck. Oh and don't worry true believers, the little girl lives. Castle may be a stone cold killer, but we all know he is a big softy when it comes to kids.

I cannot stress enough how much I enjoy this series. Now with Castle headed to face off with main bad guy, Face, we will see how he deals with that particular type of maniac. It will keep me going back to that series for the foreseeable future!  Bravo Becky Cloonan, bravo!